Stage 1.1 – Onboarding

Welcome to the 8 Week HMO Challenge! 

There are 3 main sources of information during the 8 week Challenge:

The Live Calls – you should have received a series of 4 calendar invites via email as soon as you registered for the Challenge. These include the dates, times and access details for each of the 4 live calls. The schedule has also been posted in our private discussion group in case you misplaced the emails or don’t use a calendar to manage your schedule. Each call will have a unique Zoom link/URL, so make sure you’re using the right link for the right call!

These invites will link you to Zoom, the meeting room platform we use to host our calls. It’s pretty self explanatory and we have a short video guide to using Zoom (available under the ‘Tech Help’ section at the bottom of this page) but if you want any more information ahead of the first call then there’s a useful guide to getting the most from Zoom here: Zoom User Guide

The Discussion Group – the challenge is designed to be interactive. Over the course of the 8 weeks you’ve got access to us and the rest of the participants, so make the most of it! Your login details should have arrived with you now, and you need to reset your password before you can login.

We’ll be sharing all of the Challenge information in the group as well as via email, so keep an eye on it for important updates. It’s also where you can share your own progress, see what everyone else is working on, and get help and advice from me, Victoria and the rest of the participants.

The Course Content – you knew you were going to be expected to work, right?  To get to the end of the 8 weeks and be in a position to make offers on great HMO deals, you’re going to need to roll up your sleeves and do the work. During each of the 4 stages of the Challenge there will be assignments for you to complete to move us all towards that end goal.

These assignments, downloads, tools, templates, and the live call recordings will be available from alongside the rest of the Inside HMO Investing materials. If you’re reading this message, you’re in the right place!

Assignment One

To get us started, I’ve got a couple of simple requests for you:

  1. Make sure you have all of the live calls blocked in your diary
  2. Log in to the Community, and introduce yourself on this post
  3. Once you’ve done that, mark this lesson as complete (by clicking the ‘Mark Lesson Complete’ icon at the top of this page).

That’s it for today. A nice easy start to the Challenge, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for anyone needing help with the tech as it’s important you have access to all of the different areas.

If you’re struggling with anything just give me a shout, otherwise I’ll keep an eye out for your intro in the discussion group