Stage 2.1 – Area Analysis Shortlist & Scorecard

The focus for the next few days is a simple exercise designed to help you create a shortlist of areas for further analysis. I’d suggest reading through the PDF first as I really want to reiterate that the area is not as important as a lot of people think, and it’s really not necessary to get hung up on finding that ‘perfect’ location.

We’ll look at 3 different areas of inspiration for potential investment hot spots, and then add these into a simple scorecard to look at some of the main decision criteria we consider when starting to look for a new area.

The scorecard is a template that I’d suggest you tweak and add to depending on your target market. Feel free to add in additional criteria, remove ones that aren’t necessary, or adjust the weighting of each factor.  If you’ve got any suggestions of what you think should be included in a scorecard for your demographic I’d love to hear them in the discussion group.

Downloads for this module